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All Aboard ............ P.S. Unterwalden in 2008 by Gordon Stewart


Passengers leave Unterwalden at Vitznau, one of the most important stops on the way down the lake from Lucerne because of the interchange with the Rigi Mountain Railway just a few steps away from Vitznau pier. 2008 was Unterwalden's last season before a major overhaul which will keep her out of service until 2011. Such refits of Swiss paddle steamers involve an almost total rebuild of everything except the hull and engines and this overhaul, like others previously, will change her outward appearance considerably. With part funding by the local enthusiasts' supporting group, the Dampferfreunde, Unterwalden is to be restored to her pre-1961 profile.


View ahead from the forward end of the upper deck


There is extensive open deck space forward and glass screens provide welcome shelter from the breeze


View forward on the upper deck


Entrance to the enclosed deckhouse, looking aft on the starboard side


Inside the deck saloon, looking aft. The upper deck, in common with most Swiss steamers is for first class ticket holders only


 The upper deck saloon has as standard waiter and waitress service for drinks and light snacks from the catering area within the saloon


The first thing one sees when entering the upper deck is the "Roll of Honour" commemorating the major cash donors to the first refurbishment of Unterwalden which saved her from what had been expected to have been her demise in the early 1980s.

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