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PS Britannia

Launched on 14th May 1896 by S McKnight at Ayr
Engines : Compound diagonal 37 and 67 in x 66 in by Hutson
Dimensions : 230 ft x 26.6 ft
459 Gross Registered Tons

Placed on the Bristol - Ilfracombe run, on which she spent most of her career
Served on the Clyde as HMS Briton during World War I
Reboilered in 1921 and emerged from her re-fit with ports in place of the main deck windows
Reboilered in 1935 with a larger funnel fitted. A deckhouse was also added
Requisitioned for World War II service as HMS Skiddaw, stationed on the Tyne and assisting at the Normandy landings.
Missed the 1947 season with boiler trouble
Reemerged in 1948 with two funnels serving a double-ended boiler. The deckhouse was also removed
Spent 1948 and 1949 stationed at Brighton. 
Made her last voyage on 26th September 1956, going later in that year to breakers at Newport

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