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PS Hansa

PS Hansa at Bornhofen in a post card by Hoursch & Bechstedt of Koln-Ehrenfeld from their Rheingold series, card No 588. Source : Gordon Stewart collection

Built in 1886 by Smit & Zoon, Kinderdijk, Netherlands
Length : 68.6 metres x 13.6 m breadth over sponsons
Engines : Compound 2 cylinder by Escher, Wyss of Zurich

Served until the First World War and taken over by the French occupational force after the war.
Sold in 1924 to Wilhelm Peters  and moored at the Mulheimer Ship Bridge at cologne-Niehl as a house boat
Moved to Dusseldorf in 1940 - first at Benrath then Volmerswerth from 1977-87 under a series of private owners.
Original appearance substantially altered, especially with a large deckhouse put on the main deck 
Sold in 1988 to a new private owner and restoration began as the ship's hull was completely sand blasted.
Work ceased before completion and the vessel was left to deteriorate
Taken to the dock at Koln - Mulheim in 1998 with restoration still planned but not actioned
Various plans have existed to rebuild the Hansa using the engines of the former KD paddler Cecilie - but none have progressed

Above : The remains of paddle steamer "Hansa" at Cologne on 15th November 2005. Photo by kind courtesy of Olivier Bachmann
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