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PS Winkelried (ex - Helvetia)
Built in 1876 by Escher-Wyss at Zurich
Engines : Twin diagonal
Dimensions : 42 metres - lengthened to 46 metres in 1897

Built in 1876 for use on the Zugersee as Helvetia
In 1884 the Zugersee shipping company came under the control of the operators on the neighbouring Lake Lucerne
Dismantled at Zug and taken on land at Buonas in May 1887
Hull split in two and taken overland to Luzern during the nights of 5/6 and 15/16 July
Lengthened, engines compounded, reboilered and given new deck saloons
Reentered service on April 9th 1898 as  Winkelried
Wheelhouse added in 1906
Converted to oil burning in the winter of 1919/1920 ; the first lake Lucerne steamer to be so converted
Although technically a success she was restored to coal firing due to the lack of available back-up support
Taken out of service in 1954 after 1763357 kilometres of service
Held in reserve until 1960 and dismantled in 1961
The hull survived for a further period as a pile-driver and was employed on lakeside road building projects

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