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PS Hjejlen
Operating Area : Inland rivers and lakes around Silkeborg, Denmark
Hjejlen by Nils Jepsen.jpg

Photo by Nils Jepsen kindly made available under the Free GNU Documentation License and can only be re-used under these terms

Built in 1861 by Baumgarten & Baumeister at Copenhagen, Denmark

Engines : 2 cylinder Oscillating (2 x 10 inch cylinders, stroke 16 inches)

Boiler : Installed 2005. Coal fired
Length : 29.6 metres
Max service speed - 8 knots

Built to the order of local paper mill owner Michael Drewsen for excursion services from Silkeborg
Reboilered in 1900 and 1947
Engine fully refurbished in 1979
Makes two daily return trips from Silkeborg to the Himmelbjerget, Denmark's highest point, in late June and July

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