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PS Italia

Operating Area : Lake Garda, Italy
At Assenza di Brenzone in May 2006 : Photograph by courtesy of Mike F Griffiths
Builders : N Odero, Genoa
Engines : Compound Diagonal by builders replaced by Diesel-hydraulic drive in 1980
Length : 52.5 metres

Entered service : 1909
Sunk by air attack near Sirmione in 1945
Returned into service in 1952
After refurbishment in 1969-70 appeared with her bridge moved forward and the whole upper deck enclosed
Out of service in 1975 with her compound engines being replaced by diesels
Now used on a variety of cruises in August

Detail of Italia, seen at Peschiera in 1990 in a photo kindly supplied by Chris Miles  Lighthouse Creative Inc

Italia approaching Limone on July 2nd 2008 in a photo kindly supplied by Jim McCreery.

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