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PS Ivanhoe (1880)

Ivanhoe H Coutts.jpg

Ivanhoe in a photo in a photo by kind courtesy of Hamish Coutts ABIPP

Built in 1880 by D and W Henderson and Co
Engines : 2 cylinder diagonal oscillating, 2 x 43 in x 66 in working one crank
Dimensions: 225.3 ft x 22.2 ft
282 Gross Registered Tonnes

Famous as a well appointed cruise vessel on which alcohol was not served
Gained a clientele regarded as being of "higher class" than the average tripper
Built for the Frith of Clyde Steam Packet Co and operated on the Arran via Kyles run
Managed by James Williamson, later Marine Superintendent of the CSP
Reboilered in 1892.
Spent the 1894-1896 on charter on the Manchester Ship Canal
Returned to the Clyde in 1897 under CSP ownership and used on upper Firth cruises
In 1911 she was sold to the Firth of Clyde Steam Packet Company
Resold to Turbine Steamers Ltd in 1914
Not requisitioned for war service, but chartered by the CSP for ferry work
After the war and the return of the CSP steamers, Ivanhoe was scrapped at Dumbarton

Ivanhoe Isle of Arran Broomielaw PC MB.jpg
Ivanhoe (left) seen leaving the Broomielaw quay in central Glasgow and passing PS Isle of Arran in either 1912 or 1913, during her spell sailing for the Firth of Clyde Steam Packet Company and sporting a narrow black band at the top of her funnels. Thanks to Michael Brown for supplying this M & L Ltd post card from his collection
ivanhoe lochgoilhead valentine PC MB.jpg
Ivanhoe in a Valentine's post card view showing her at Lochgoilhead. This would appear to date this photograph to 1914, with the ship sailing for Turbine Steamers Ltd in her only season with them on a route inherited by the company after the demise of the Loch Goil and Inveraray Steamboat Company.   The post card was kindly supplied by Michael Brown from his collection
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