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PS Johann Strauss

Above : Johann Strauss in 2006 : On December 15th 2017 and in poor shape, she was towed away to Freudenau harbour pending an auction
Built at Linz in 1950 using hull and machinery from two older steamers

Hull - iron, salvaged from PS Grein (built in 1853 as PS Carl Ludwig, renamed in 1938) - Length : 70 metres
Machinery - Compound diagonal, by Sachsenberg Bros. salvaged from PS Johann Strauss (ex-Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand, built 1913)

Engines and boilers have been removed

Built in 1950 to reopen DDSG services between Linz and Passau after the end of World War II
Superstructure : Salvaged from PS Johann Strauss
Withdrawn in 1972 after a breakage to the paddle shaft
Sold for use as a restaurant near Vienna but this did not succeed and the company Brandner bough her for use at Waldsee in 1975
In 1979 she was sold to the Regensburg Brewery Company, and she opened for business as a pub in Regensburg in 1980, lasting five years
Sold to the Viennese company WIGAST and moved to Vienna in November 1985 for conversion work at Freudenau harbour
Moved to central Vienna (Donaukanal at Schwedenplatz) in February 1986
Latterly known as "Clubschiff", with eating facilities open from mid-afternoon and a discotheque through to the early hours of the morning
The nightclub was closed in 2013 and the ship now lies in poor condition, still at her prime location at the Salztorbrucke at  Schwdenplatz, Vienna
In 2017 it is understood that the city authorities in Vienna forced her to be put up for auction and she was towed to Freudenau Harbour on Dember 15th 2017




In May 2007 it was reported in the Austrian press that Johan Strauss was to be rebuit as a hotel-ship designed to attract Japanese tourists interested in music. 15-20 luxury bedroom suites are envisaged, each furnished in classical Viennese style. 12 million Euros have been earmarked for the conversion by owners DDS Johann Strauss which is expected to be completed by the end of 2007. The rather uninviting canalside where she is moored is also to be transformed with various food pavillions, with a strong "fish" theme.

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