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MPV Kisfaludy   :   Lake Balaton, Hungary

Kisfaludy approaches Balatonfured pier on 24th June 2015 - photo by kind courtesy of Zsolt Szabo
Built : 2014-15 near Siofok
Length : 26.2 metres
Width : 5.5 metres (9.2 metres across the sponsons)
Draught : 1.22 metres
Displacement : 85 tonnes
The ship has side paddles (AC electric powered from the diesel generator) and an auxiliary screw (Deutz diesel powered) at the rear

A close replica of the steamer Kisfaludy dating from 1846, originally with a wooden hull, replaced by an iron shell in 1869, which sailed on Lake Balaton until 1887.
The replica has a steel hull as well as an aft deck shelter, wheelhouse and paddle vents which are the most noticeable features which were not part of the original steam ship design.

A look around Kisfaludy in June 2015 - courtesy of Zsolt Szabo

Kisfaludy at Balatonfored. Click here for photos taken aboard the ship
Kisfaludy under construction in 2014

Kisfaludy under construction - seen on May 28th 2014. Photo by kind courtesy of Zsolt Szabo

Kisfaludy in 2014 on her slipway - courtesy of Zsolt Szabo
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