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Built in 1892 by Fairfield at Govan, Glasgow
Engines : Compound diagonal 45 and 80 in x 66 in
Dimensions : 300.4 ft x 32.1 ft
884 Gross Registered Tons

The first new steamer for the Victoria Steamboat Association, operated in mortgage to the builders
Introduced new standards of size and accommodation and a full-length promenade deck
Her first season was so successful on the Harwich run that a close sister (Royal Sovereign) was ordered for the 1893 season
After the 1894 season, Fairfields foreclosed on their mortgage, establishing New Palace Steamers Ltd to operate three affected vessels
From 1904 to 1914 she was mainly on the Kent coast service
Sent to the Clyde for refitting late in the 1914 season - but work was aborted due to the outbreak of World War I
Spent the war laid up and not reconditioned for peace-time duty, going to breakers at Morecambe in 1918.

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