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Lady Gwendoline (later Ariadne, Milas, Denizli and Hayrullah)

Above : Lady Gwendoline as Ariadne when in northern France, entering Brest harbour

Launched on May 15th 1889 by J McArthur & Co of Paisley, UK
Dimensions : 210 ft 8 in  (67 metres) x 13.1 ft (7 m)
Engines : Compound diagonal : 31 and 57 in x 60 in by Bow, McLachlan of Paisley
318 GRT
Operated by Edwards & Robertson on the Bristol Channel, UK as Lady Gwendoline
Sold in 1890 to Albert Ballin Shipping Company of Hamburg, Germany and renamed Ariadne
Operated as an ocean liner tender ship on charter to HAPAG at Cherbourg, France in 1895
Remained at Cherbourg under various owners
Siezed by the French government in World War I and used as a hospital ship at Thessaloniki
Sold at the end of the war and renamed Milas
Sold to Istanbul in 1924 and renamed Denizli and later Hayrullah
Scrapped in 1926

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