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PS Leipzig

River Elbe at Dresden, Germany

PS Leipzig at Pirna in 2004
Length 69.6 metres
2 cylinder diagonal engine

Entered service in 1929
Sank in 1945 following bomb damage
Re-entered service in 1947
Entered shipyard after the 1988 season for reconditioning, but no progress until 1992
Re-entered service in 1993

From the Photo Archive :  Click here to see the 2004 photo collection




At Pirna in 2004

Lower deck restaurant

Upper deck and bar / servery

Photos of Leipzig in 2004 (below) by kind courtesy of Nigel Clark

Leipzig 2004-01 NC.JPG

Leipzig 2004-02 NC.JPG

Below :  Photos from the Phil Barnes Collection

Above : Leipzig at Dresden Terrassenufer on 6th August 2014. Photo by kind courtesy of Phil Barnes.
Click here for more photos from 4th August 2014

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