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Originally built in 1911 at St Petersburg, Russia
Engines : Diesel
Length : 49.88 m - breadth (overall) : 12.21 m

Lubecki (formerly Warmia, Lubecki, Karl Blumwe, Lubecki, Zimsen and originally Poljak) was originally built by the Nobel Shipyard in St Petersburg, Russia, in 1911 and transported by rail for reassembly in Wloclawek in Poland.

She was built with kerosene-burning engines  until converted to diesel in 1964.

She was in service as a tow boat on the Vistula between Warsaw and Gdansk. She was taken over by German owners in 1915 and renamed Zimsen but returned to Polish ownership after the end of World War I and renamed Lubecki. In 1920 the ship was taken over by Russian Bolshevik forces but was sunk when used to attack Wloclawek. Raised and restored she sailed for various companies out of Warsaw, Plock and Bydgoszcz. She was scuttled in the face of advancing German forces in September 1939 near Wloclawek but raised and used by Bydgoszcz based German operators with a new name - Karl Blumwe. After the war she became Lubecki once again and later Warmia, sailing until 1972. She became a sports clubhouse at Zeran and later a floating restaurant on the Zegrze Reservoir near Serok. In 2005 she was bought on behalf of enthuisiasts by the Hydrobudowa civil engineering. She was towed back to Wloclawek and given the name Lubecki for the third time. A plan to raise money for her renovation failed and the ship was donated to the city of Warsaw. Wroclaw-based ship owner and operator Rafal Hordejuk was contracted to purchase and renovate the ship but on condition it sailed in Warsaw for 15 years. Hordejuk regards this purchase as a personal project due to his new love of the ship and its perceived historical importance.  In an almost derelict state, the ship was moved to Wroclaw  in 2012 for reconstruction by Malbo and the heavily rebuilt ship relaunched in December 2017 after numerous delays due to a complete redesign of the ship to meet modern requirements. In early 2020, plans were being made to move her to Warsaw

Current status : unknown. Possibly still at Wroclaw  awaiting delivery to Warsaw via Szczecin and Gdansk
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