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MPV Ludwig Fessler
Operating Area : Chiemsee, Bavaria, Germany

Ludwig Fessler in 2016 : photo by kind courtesy of Malcolm Oliver  
Built : 1926 by Theodor Hitzler (Regensburg)
Length : 53 m
Engines : Compound Diagonal by J Maffei (Munich) replaced by Diesel-hydraulic equipment in 1973

Steam engines went into private ownership of Mr Kley in the Netherlands
In 2004 they were sold to the Trivapor organisation for use in PS Neuchatel, at the time a restaurant at Neuchatel, Switzerland, and up for sale.


The engine was saved when Ludwig Fessler was converted to diesel in 1973. After being in store in the Netherlands it purchased by a Swiss preservationist society (Trivapor) for planned use in the surviving hull of PS Neuchatel which was in use as a resturant at her home port in Switzerland. The engines are now installed in PS neuchatel which is now back in service
Raddampfer Ludwig Fessler.jpg

2003 : Photos by Gordon Stewart

Below : Photos by Zsolt Szabo in 2011

Ludwig Fessler back 2011 ZS.jpg

Ludwig Fessler Front 2011 ZS.jpg

Ludwig fessler back 34 2011 ZS.jpg

Below : A look around Ludwig Fessler in 2016 by Malcolm Oliver

Above :  Ludwig Fessler's Main Deck in 2016 by Malcolm Oliver.  Click here for more

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