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From inaction to dereliction - and on the way to her return : Maid of the Loch in photos 1982-2004


In 1982, Maid of the Loch was experiencing her first season of lay-up and Countess Fiona (ex Countess of Bredalbane) was fitting out near the slipway after her overland transfer from the open waters of the Firth of Clyde.



By 1993, enthusiasts were working constantly to stem the deterioration of the Maid which remained tied up at Balloch pier. In the meantime, the Countess had been withdrawn from service and was lying winched up on the slipway where she stayed until dismantled in 1999.



By 1998 hopes for returning the Maid to service were beginning to grow as she had been bought first by the local council then transferred to a charitable trust with this as their objective.



By 2004 it looked almost as if the Maid could cast off for a cruise up to Tarbet. The area around the pier had been improved considerably with a new office, car parking and a slipway for small craft. The steamer slipway and winch house with steam engine were awaiting restoration, which eventually took place in 2007.


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