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Marchioness of Bredalbane 

Above : The Marchioness of Bredalbane - by kind courtesy of the Peter Rolf collection

Launched on April 15th, 1890 by John Reid and Co
Single crank 2 cylinder compound diagonal engine 30 and 54 in x 60 in
Engineers : Rankin and Blackmore
Dimensions : 200.4 ft x 22.1 ft
246 Gross Registered Tons

Built for the CSP to take over the Wemyss Bay - Rothesay service from Captain Alexander Campbell
Sister ship to Caledonia but with the bridge placed forward of the funnel
Requisitioned as a minesweeper in World War I, serving at Troon and Portsmouth
Returned to the Clyde in late 1919 and became associated with the Wemyss Bay to Millport run
Went to the Holy Loch station in 1934 in succession to Caledonia
Withdrawn in 1935 and sold for scrap.
Saved for further use as an excursion steamer on the east coast of England at Great Yarmouth for the Redcliffe Shipping Co
The venture failed and the vessel was sold in April 1937 and broken up in Germany.

Above : With winter boarding in place around her forward saloon, the Marchioness is seen in an Adamson postcard from the Peter Rolf collection.  
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