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South Coast of England : P & A Campbell - Southampton Operations
Having established themselves on the Bristol Channel after their move from Scotland in 1888, the Campbell brothers Peter and Alec sent their paddle steamer PS Waverley on charter to the south coast to provide cruises to the Naval Review of 1889. For the Review of 1897, three vessels were assigned to the Solent - PS Westward Ho and PS Cambria going to Southampton, PS Britannia to Bournemouth, beginning a tradition of Campbell ships attending each Review.

PS Cambria completed the 1897 at Southampton with some success in attracting general excursion trade resulting in two vessels ( PS Cambria and PS Glen Rosa) being posted to the Hampshire port for the 1898 season. An ambitious cruise programme was inaugurated, including trips to Cherbourg.

Cambria returned alone for the 1899 season, but in 1900-1902, PS Albion strengthened the Campbell presence. The company was, however, to make an unexpected departure from Southampton, having purchased the vessels and goodwill of a Brighton-based company at the end of 1901 and for 1903, they concentrated their efforts on the Sussex coast, where they could develop their business relatively untroubled by the fierce competition that had existed on the Solent.

Campbell vessels were subsequently to be seen in the Solent from time to time during the course of their excursions.
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