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It might be assumed that no paddle steamers are being built and will never be built again. Not true. However, it is unlikely that paddle steamers of the size of such ships as Waverley, Unterwalden etc will be built for commercial operators. However there has been a surge of building replica steamers, usually "Mississippi-style" with stern wheels, whether for full propulsion, or more likely auxiliary propulsion and with diesel motors. A number have also been built for static operation, many of which are Casino boats in the U.S.A. There have been a number of genuine steamers built in recent years, but generally small vessels for private use, most of which have been built in Australia which has now become the world's leading home of genuine paddle-powered steamships. For example :

No major paddle steamers are currently under construction

See also the Reactivation Projects page for existing but decommissioned ships which are being rebuilt for operation or for which projects for a return to service exist


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