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P.S. Rhone (1927)
Operating Area : Lake Geneva, Switzerland

At Lausanne (Ouchy) in 2007

Built 1927 by Sulzer Brothers at Winterthur, Switzerland

Engines: 2 cylinder Diagonal by Sulzer. 900 HP

Auto lubricating, with enclosed cranks and hydraulic valves (no eccentrics)
Since winter of 2010/11, cranks have been visible through perspex enclosures

Length : 62.5 metres

Entered service in 1927
Ordered to replace PS Bonivard, lost by fire in 1925
Converted to oil firing in 1960
Reboilered in 1968 and returned to service in 1969

Rhone in June 2014 by kind courtesy of Malcolm Oliver.  Click here for more photos
Rhone engine 2011 E Crosti.jpg.jpgSince 2011, Rhone's crankshafts have been open for the public to view - through perspex casings which replaced the original steel casings.
Thanks to Enrico Crosti for this photograph

From the archive :




Main deck restaurant aft

Main deck port side - view forward

Upper deck - view aft

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