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Royal Sovereign

Like many major steamer operator companies, New Palace Steamers published  their own post cards - an effective marketing tool if posted home from the many trippers and holidaymakers using their palatial steamers. Although the company was not to survive the First World War and paddler Koh-i-Noor went for scrap, Royal Sovereign went on to have a much longer life on the Thames 

Built in 1893 by Fairfield at Govan, Glasgow
Engines : Compound diagonal 33 and 45 in x 66 in
Dimensions : 300.2 ft x 33.1 ft
891 Gross Registered Tons

Introduced on the London and North Kent (Margate / Ramsgate) run in 1893 for Victoria subsidiary Palace Steamers Ltd
Held under mortgage by the builders and re-registered with New Palace Steamers Ltd after the mortgage was foreclosed.
Not requisitioned during World War I, lying laid up at Tilbury
Fairfields wound up New Palace Steamers Ltd and the vessel was sold in march 1918 to shipbroker Mr A W Pickard
Passed to the Royal Sovereign Steamship Company, established by Mr Pickard and three associates
Remained on her traditional Kent coast run
With the collapse of the Royal Sovereign Steamship Co, she passed to erstwhile competitors General Steam Navigation Company
Sailed for the GSN in the 1929 season only, going to Dutch breakers in 1930.

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