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Stadt Luzern
Operating Area : Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstattersee) , Switzerland

Stadt Luzern at Seeburg in 2001
Built by Gebruder Sachsenberg AG at Rosslau an der Elbe, Germany
3 cylinder diagonal engine - each 800 mm x 1200 mm stroke  - with hydraulic gearing
The engine was provided by Sulzer in 1929 replacing the original unsatisfactory twin-cylinder compound Sachsenberg machinery (760 and 1350 mm x 1200 mm).
Length 63.50 metres (overall) - 60.00 m (perpendiculars)
4.46 m diameter wheel with 8 paddles of 2.90 x 0.8 m

Reassembled at Luzern from September 1927.
Trials during early 1928 had proven extremely troublesome (not achieving her contracted speed and consuming excessive amounts of coal)
Entered public service on June 24th 1928 during which she broke down off Weggis
Re-engined by Sulzer, performing satisfactorily on trial on June 14th 1929. Reentered public service on July 6th.
Converted to oil fuel in 1953-4
Enclosed cranks opened to public view when metal casings were replaced by perspex  (one crank in 1980, the remaining two in 1981)
Substantially rebuilt during the winters of 85-86 to 88-89 whilst remaining in summer service.
Back in public service on May 20th, 1989.
Out of service in the 2019 and 2020 seasons undergoing a major renovation including her first reboilering
Returned to service in 2021

The SGV's flagship, Stadt Luzern, is the most luxuriously appointed paddler in the fleet. This view is of the upper deck lounge in 2014 by kind courtesy of Malcolm Oliver

From the archive

Stadt Luzern pulls out of Brunnen in 1996

The SGV flagship has extensive upper deck accommodation

Approaching Hertenstein in 1999

A busy day at Brunnen in 1988

The Uniflow engines, once concealed, can now be seen behind perspex

Leaving Buochs in 2001

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