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Stadt Zurich                                                        Operating Area : Lake Zurich (Zurichsee), Switzerland
Paddle Steamer Stadt Zurich.jpg
Above : Stadt Zurich at Wadenswil on August 15th, 2001
Built by Escher-Wyss, Zurich
Entered service in 1909
Length : 59.1 metres
Engines : Compound Diagonal, built by Escher Wyss : 500 HP, max speed 27.2 km/h (14.6 knots)
Major renovations : 1975/6, 1980, 1990 (with new boiler) and 2003/4
Telescopic funnel and hinged mast fitted in 1981 allows access to the Obersee, passing under the bridge at Seedamm
Out of service for the 2019 season pending a repair to the starbound paddle wheel shaft

A major overhaul of Stadt Zurich's catering facilities was completed in the winter of 2003/4 to add to the vessel's attractiveness as her facilities in this area are poorer than in the major motor vessels. The unused "Kajute" aft became a new kitchen and storeroom linked with the main and upper decks by a lift for the food. The upper-deck buffet seating was improved and the whole area enclosed by extending the side glazing further aft and building a new door separating the enclosed area from the open deck at the back of the ship. Similar automatic doors separate the buffet from the forward open deck. The existing kitchen in the sponson area was converted to a Kiosk to improve the service to passengers in the main deck Rondelle.

Once the upgrading was completed the ZSG and its local voluntary supporters group (which raised a significant amount of money towards the work) hoped that Stadt Zurich would see more service, especially on the most popular rostered services and on special cruises, including evening dinner cruises.




At Zurich Burkliplatz in 1981

Passing under the Seedamm bridge in 2001

At Wadenswil in 2001

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Below : ZSG (Lake Zurich Shipping Company) open day at Zurich on 24th March 2012 : Photo by Enrico Crosti
Stadt Zurich 24 03 12 EC.jpg
The major Swiss passenger steamer operators have regular open days when the public is invited to wander round the companies' yards, workshops and many of their ships in days which act as excellent customer service opportunities.  Thanks to Enrico Crosti for these photos of PS Stadt Zurich in the yard's dry dock,where the public was able to get the rare opportunity to walk around "underneath" a paddle steamer.  Click here for more photos

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