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Day-by-day and minute-by-minute of paddle steamer operations in Switzerland

13th August 2022 : Saturday

18:00 : Lake Brienz : Lotschberg at Interlaken-Ost in the early evening before her departure on the evening cruise. Photo by Gordon Stewart

14th August 2022 : Sunday

15:20 Lake Brienz : Lotschberg pulls into Brienz on her second run of the day from Interlaken.  Photo by Gordon Stewart

15th August 2022 : Monday

11:43 : Lake Thun : Blumlisalp awaits her roster - due to depart from Thun in almost one hour's time.  Photo by Gordon Stewart

12:59 : Lake Thun : Blumlisalp approaches Oberhofen pier.  Photo by Gordon Stewart

15:00 : Lake Thun : Blumlisalp rests during her twenty minute stopover at Interlaken-West before returning to Thun.  Photo by Gordon Stewart

16th August 2022 : Tuesday

13:35 : Lake Brienz : Lotschberg leaves Bonigen to return to Interlaken-Ost on her first run of the day.  Photo by Gordon Stewart

14:22 : Lake Brienz : Lotschberg backs into Bonigen on her second run to Brienz.  Photo by Gordon Stewart

17:00 : Lake Brienz : Lotschberg, with all passengers now unloaded, reverses in the River Aare to tie up at berth no. 6 at Interlaken for the night.  Photo by Gordon Stewart

17th August 2022 : Wednesday

13:38 : Lake Thun : Blumlisalp at Faulensee on her outbound run.  Photo by Gordon Stewart

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