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Lisbon, Portugal : 21st - 24th April, 2007 : unused track in the Chiado area of central Lisbon

Cais Sodre Alecrim.JPG

largo Barao Quintela Alecrim.JPG

camoes view south.JPG

A bus at the foot of the steep, but straight run down Rua da Alecrim from Camoes to Cais Sodre. The track is disconnected from the "Riverside" line.

A| bus provides the service on Rua da Alecrim at Largo Baro Quintela

Seen from the Camoes end, the track is also disconnected from those of line 28 although the track leading north is connected to the Camoes loop


camoes Misericordia view north 2.JPG

Misericordia view north.JPG

Looking north into Rua da Misericordia, the existing arrangement can be seen clearly

Although a bus is in service, track and overhead in Misericordia await the possible reintroduction of trams.

View northwards on Misericordia at Largo da Trinidade

Misericordia view south.JPG

Nove de Trinidade view north.JPG

Rua da Trinidade view east.JPG

View southwards on Misericordia at Largo da Trinidade

Tram tracks threaded the street parralel to Misericordia - seen in this northwards view on Nova de Trinidade.

Trams turned from Nova de Trinidade into Rua de Trinidade. This view is eastwards towards the Igreja do Carmo, the earthquake-ruined monastery.

Rua da Trinidade view west.JPG

Rua da trinidade view west 2.JPG

Largo di carmo view south.JPG

View westwards into Rua de Trinidade.

Another view westwards

The old line ended in a loop at Large di Carmo

Largo di carmo view south .JPG



Largo di Carmo - with overhead removed here.



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