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River Danube : Romania
PS Tudor Vladimirescu

Tudor Vladimirescu 2009 C Munteanu 1.jpg

Tudor Vladimirescu 2009 C Munteanu 2.jpg

Above: Tudor Vladimirescu at Galati in 2009, shown by kind courtesy of Cristian Munteanu (see links to Cristian's website below)

Built in 1854 at Budapest, Hungary
Engines: Twin, oscillating, built by Escher, Wyss of Zurich, Switzerland, compounded in 1867
Length: 65.8 metres

Built for the DDSG as a tug and named "Croatia"
Renamed "Sarmisegetuza" when transferred to Romania in 1918 as part of the World War I reparations settlement
Rebuilt as a passenger vessel , sailing primarily between Braila and Sulina
Renamed "Grigore Manu" in 1923
Renamed "Tudor Vladimirescu" in the wake of the post-World War II Communist takeover
Extensively rebuilt (new bridge and superstructure) at the Orsova Shipyard in 1958
In later years she was used for cruises in the Danube delta
Laid up in the late 1980s and moored at Galati then Chiciu
At the Galati Damen Shipyard from 2000, with plans for her restoration stalled through lack of funds
Emerged substantially rebuilt and in operational condition in August 2003
Not thought to be in regular service, but available for charter, especially for corporate and government use

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