TS Atalanta  
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Built in 1906 by John Brown at Clydebank
Engines : 3 direct drive turbines
Dimensions : 210.4 ft x 30.1 ft
486 Gross Registered Tons

Used primarily on the Ardrossan-Arran service despite a reputation of being uncomfortable in heavy seas
Went to Harwich as a minesweeper during World War II as HMS Atalanta II
Remained on the Arran station until 1936 when she served Millport from Wemyss Bay
Reboilered in 1930
Sold in March 1937 for service out of Blackpool and Morecambe for the Blackpool Steam Navigation Co
Requisitioned in 1940 as a boom defence ship
Was transferred to Methil after the war where she was scrapped in 1945 after being laid-up

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