TS Empress Queen  
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Launched on February 29th, 1940 by Ailsa Shipbuilding at Troon
Engines : Turbine
Dimensions : 269.5 ft x 37.5 ft
1781 Gross Registered Tons

Campbell's largest vessel and only Turbine steamer, ordered to improve their competitiveness on the routes to France from the South Coast
Served during the war as a troopship, particularly between Stranraer and Larne
From 1947-50 she was put on the south coast inter-resort service for which she was too large and found to be poorly manoevrable
Moved to Torquay on the South Devon coast in 1951 for longer cruises, especially to the Channel Islands
These routes were not sufficiently profitable and Empress Queen was sold to Greek owners in 1955 leaving Bristol on April 3rd
Reengined with diesels and named MV Phillipos, she served for many years for the Kavounides cruise fleet.

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