TS Marchioness of Graham 
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Launched on March 6th, 1936 by Fairfield Engineering & Shipbuilding Co, Glasgow
Scotch coal fired boiler - 4 steam turbines - single reduction gearing - twin screw
Dimensions : 220'2" x 30'1"
585 Gross Registered Tons

Designed for the ferry service to Arran from Ardrossan, with clear space on promenade deck amidships for cars, cargo
Before World War II remained on the Arran station but was occasionally used for cruises from further up the Firth
Remained on the Clyde during the war serving Arran from Fairlie, but also used on the Wemyss-Bay to Rothesay and Innellan services
Based at Ayr after the war she offered cruises as well as assisting on the Ardrossan - Brodick route at peak times
Returned to Ardrossan in 1954 to replace the withdrawn Glen Sannox
Cruised out of Largs in 1957 and 1958 reviving "up-river" cruises to Glasgow
Sold after the 1958 season to Greek owners for service out of Piraeus
Diesels installed in place of her turbines and her superstructure was substantially extended
Changed ownership and name several times before ending up as a private yacht and surviving into the 1970s

The Marchioness at winter lay-up at Troon in the 1950s. Photo by kind courtesy of Chris Capewell

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