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PS Unterwalden : inaugural "public" cruise after her return from major reconstruction : 14th May 2011

Photos kindly supplied by Nadia Joehr who was aboard PS Gallia as all five lake Lucerne steamers sailed in formation to herald the return of Unterwalden


Four steamers head doen the lake ahead of PS Gallia


Schiller, Uri, Stadt Luzern and Unterwalden .... in procession


Unterwalden (right) originally built in 1902 is one year younger than Uri (left) and both are close sisters. Both also underwent similar changes over the years and both have now been restored to something approximating their original profile. Unterwalden's enclosed upper deck, essential to meet modern passenger comfort expectations, has benefitted from the most modern of designs, and unlike Uri, the glaszing is, from a distance, almost imperceptible

.....and now, the star of the show : PS Unterwalden herself.....

Unterwalden 2011 nadia.jpg


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