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PS Westward Ho
Launched on 7th April 1894 by S McKnight at Ayr
Engines : Compound diagonal 36 and 64 in x 66 in by Hutson
Dimensions : 225 ft x 26.1 ft
438 Gross Registered Tons

The first Campbell steamer with the promenade deck extended to the bow
Single funnel vessel with the bridge placed ahead of the funnel in line with recent changes in practice
Reboilered in 1912
Served as a minsweeper at Grimsby and on the River Tyne in World War I
Refitted in 1920, emerging with ports in place of the lower saloon windows
Fitted with radio in 1932 to inaugurate services in South Devon, which were run in the 1932 and 1933 seasons
Returned to the Tyne in World War II, later going to the Firth of Forth and assisting at Dunkirk
Finished the war as an accommodation shipp onthe River Dart
Not reconditioned after the war and scrapped at Newport in 1946

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