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Woolwich Ferry, River Thames, London

From 1866 until 1897 the Great Eastern Railway operated the Blackwall to Greenwich ferry in east London following the leasing of the local railway line from the London & Blackwall Railway Company (who had operated a fleet of steamers on the river) and also assumed operation of the Woolwich ferry from 1868 to 1908 by which time a free service had been inaugurated by the newly-established London County Council.  The Blackwall ferries ended with the opening of the tunnel in 1897 but the Woolwich ferries have continued in the absence of a road tunnel (a pedestrian tunnel runs at this point and a recent extension to the Docklands Light Railway now duplicates the ferry run)

Great Eastern Railway

Middlesex (1879-1908, sold for conversion to a sailing ship)
Woolwich (1890-1908, sold for use on the Queensferry Crossing, Firth of Forth)

London County Council

Duncan (1889-1931)
Hutton (1893-1922)
Gordon (1923-1963)
Squires (1923-1963)
Will Crooks (1930-1963)
John Benn (1930-1963)

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