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G Zanardelli (ex - Giuseppe Zanardelli)  (Diesel-hydraulic, ex-steam)        Operating Area : Lake Garda, Italy
G Zanardelli at Riva October 2013

G Zanardelli at Riva del Garda in early October 2013 soon after decommissioning for the season after the changeover to the winter timetable. Click here for more
Builders : Escher, Wyss & Cie, Zurich (Switzerland) and re-assembled at Peschiera
Engines : Compound Diagonal by builders replaced by Diesel-hydraulic drive in 1982 and subsequently re-engined in 2002
Length : 48.65 metres
Passengers : Originally 800 but now certified for 500 (of which 250 seated including 150 under cover).  Crew : 7

Entered service : 1903
Used as a troops and supplies carrier in World War I
Damaged in an air attack in 1944 whilst on passenger service approaching Limone with the captain, the helmsman and several passengers were killed and many more injured 
Returned to service after the war ended under American control, painted with scenes from US life
Withdrawn again in 1959
Back in service in 1969 with enclosed upper deck and a wheelhouse
Ran aground in October 1977 near Moderno, sustaining severe damage to the hull
Returned to service in 1983 with a diesel unit in place of her steam engines as an economy measure
After many years of infrequent and irregular service, Zanardelli now sees considerable use in the upper lake during the summer timetable period

Above : Detail of G Zanardelli at Peschiera in 1990 in a photo kindly supplied byChris Miles   Lighthouse Creative Inc

Above : G. Zanardelli, with Italia in the background at Peschiera in 1990. Photo kindly supplied by Chris Miles   Lighthouse Creative Inc

G Zanardelli makes a rare appearance in 2008 : Seen on June 22nd off Bardolino. Photo courtesy of Jim McCreery
G Zanardelli 2007 Tony Jarram.jpg

G Zanardelli at Desenzano Del Garda on the morning of 25/7/07 : photo by courtesy of Tony Jarram
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