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Built 1913 by Obuda Shipyard, Budapest
Engines : Compound Diagonal

Zupa is moored at Belgrade on the River Sava and her last known role was as a HQ ship for the Pim Dredging Company.

Zupa is a classical 54 metre long Danube paddle tug built in 1913 at Obuda, Hungary. Originally called "Una"she sailed for the Austrian DDSG company until 1914 before becoming Romanian-owned and renamed Cozia
 in 1921.After World War II she fell into Yugoslav hands and became Zupa.  Internet photo

A sister ship was called Vag before becoming Slovenac and more recently PIM-Beograd. She was wrecked but her remains are still to be seen at km 127 on the Sava River.

Oroszi Gabor - PIMs.jpg

In this photo taken in April 2010 and kindly contributed by Gabor Oroszi she appears to be in very poor condition
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