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Klondike (1929)
Whitehorse, Yukon

Sternwheeler built in Whitehorse by the British Yukon Navigation Company which spent its life on the Yukon River between Whitehorse and Dawson City, deep inland but yet entirely navigable. heavily rebuilt after grounding in 1936. Believed to have served until 1955 and is now preserved as a National Historic Site on dry land alongside the Yukon River at downtown Whitehorse at the Robert Campbell bridge.

Keno (1922)
Dawson City, Yukon

Keno was built in Whitehorse by the British Yukon Navigation Company and was a cargo vessel transporting ores such as silver, zinc and lead from the Mayo area to Stewart. She has been preserved on land at Dawson City, Yukon since 1960

Moyie (1898)
Kaslo, BC

Kootenay Lake Historical Society are now the guardians of the ex-Canadian  pacific railway sternwheeler (active 1898-1957)which is now on dry land at Kaslo in the Glacier Provincial Park at Kootenay Lake.
Samson V (1937)
New Westminster, BC

Former snagboat, built by Mecer's Star Shipyard, using steel and components from earlier "Samsons", she served on the Fraser River until 1980. On December 31st 1954 she was ravaged by fire and scuttled to save her from further destruction. Renovated by her original builders, she returned in a much altered form in 1960. Twenty years later the Federal Government sold her to the City of New Westminster and she was opened as a museum exhibit reflecting the Fraser River's history

Sicamous (1914)
Penticton, BC

Was the third Canadian Pacific Railway steamer on Lake Okanagan, linking Penticton and lakeside dwellings with the railhead at Okanagan landing, some 65 miles away. Built in Port Arthur Ontario, the 200 ft long boat was shipped in parts and reassembled at Okanagan Landing. Withdrawn in 1936 on economic grounds and left to rot at Okanagan Landing. The city of Penticton paid a nominal dollar sum to buy her in 1949 and two years later and took her to her new and current location at the Okanagan Inland Maritime Heritage Museum, West Lakeshore Drive, Penticton. She has her own Restoration Society who have completed a magnificent job. She is now primarily a museum and wedding venue

 The sternwheeler City of Ainsworth (1892-1898) is a divable wreck sunk on Kootenay Lake, BC
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