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 ALL ABOARD PADDLE STEAMER LOTSCHBERG : Photos taken in 2001 immediately after a major refit

The relatively unvaried water levels on Lake Brienz make for easy access to the main deck - here at Interlaken Ost, the ship's home base


The main deck, looking aft after boarding is similar to all Swiss paddle steamers - utilitarian and has the usual viewing area for the steam engines

The forward second class lounge is also clean but not luxurious. Stairs lead down to the "Kajute"

The lower deck Kajute tends to remain unused with most Swiss steamers but on Lotschberg it has been fitted out as a games room for children 

View aft in the Kajute - and at least two young children are downstairs investigating. The day is still young and at the time of the photo the ship had not yet left its home port for its cruise

Back on the main deck looking forward alongside the boiler room and the bench which does come in handy on particularly chilly days

View down into the engine room

View aft alongside the boiler room. Stairs to the upper deck are behind the boiler room and in front of the entrance to the restaurant

The "First Class" Restaurant aft on the main deck

The main deck forward as the ship leaves Interlaken Ost pier

At the prow, historical winding gear, anchor and bell

Another traditional Swiss practice is preserved on the refurbished Lotschberg : canvas canopies over the open decks - here on the main deck forward

View aft on the main deck - and it is quite a squeeze to get to the small seating area at the stern

Shall we go upstairs ?  It is a bit posher up there - but remember, you have to have a first class ticket !  I don't think the webmaster's mother has !

Attractive wooden bannisters

The upper deck seating area has been freshened up with a brand new but traditional look and totally new glazing to enclose the area whilst affording excellent views and keeping her as close as possible to the traditional lines of the ship when viewed from ashore

Viewed forward, with tables set and waiters at the ready. It is still late morning and the ship is only a couple of minutes into her cruise

Outside on the upper deck forward. On the right is the small "Smoking Room" - a common feature of Swiss steamers of the period

The upper deck is the best place for taking in the magnificent scenery. Lotschberg appoaches Iseltwald pier

The view back towards Interlaken. The modern glass construction provides excellent shelter  and as it is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, excellent visibility

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