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Lotschberg                                                                                              Operating Area : Lake Brienz, Switzerland

PS Lotschberg at Interlaken Ost in August 2005. Photo by kind courtesy of Phil Barnes. 2001 was her first season after her major refurbishment. A new green colour scheme reviving a much older arrangement and a less conspicuously glazed upper deck saloon give the paddler a look matching her early years much more closely. 
Built by Escher-Wyss, Zurich
Length : 55.6 metres (overall), 53.5 m at the waterline : Breadth : 6.8 m (12.94 m overall) : Draught: 1.17 m (empty) - 1.40 m (loaded)
Machinery - Compound diagonal : Cylinders - 550 and 950 mm x 1050 mm : 450 HP : Boilers - 2 x max 11.5 atmospheres pressure
Paddles - 9 steel floats of 230 x 66 mm : Paddle wheel - 3.51 m diameter
Maximum speed - 26 km/h

Entered service in 1914 (In revenue operation from July 25th)
Served only 9 days before the outbreak of World War I brought the season to a close
Returned to service only for the 1923 season.
Converted from coal to oil firing in 1967/68.
Major renovations - 1988/89 and 2000/01
During 2000/01 the original boilers were replaced by a single new boiler
The opportunity was taken to restore many of the original features and "feel" of the ship
Her original dark green / light green color scheme was also restored.

From the archive

Lotschberg at Brienz-Dorf in 1996 in her all-white livery. 

The upper deck cafe in 1999 before the major refurbishment

By 2001 the cafe had a much more traditional and airy appearance

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Go for a tour around the decks of Lotschberg in 2001

Lotschberg begins her normal reversing manoevre out of Boningen. Photo from August 2005 by kind courtesy of Phil Barnes
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Lake Brienz Steamers - Historical information


Die Geschichte der Schiffahrt auf dem Thuner- und Brienzersee
By Erich Liechti, Jurg Meister and Josef Gwerder
Published in 1986 by Ott Verlag, Thun
ISBN 3-7225-6334-8
Ship-by-ship chronologies, copiously illustrated and including line diagrams of vessel layouts.

Lotschberg - Memoiren eines Dampfers aus der Belle Epoque
By Rolf Grossenbacher
Published in 1992 by Verlag Schlaefli AG, CH-3800 Interlaken

Detailed study of the last of Lake Brienz's paddlers

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Ferry Publications
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