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Ammersee, Germany
Schiffart Ammersee

The Ammersee is a 15 km long lake in southern Bavaria which is up to 6 km at its widest point and is one of the several lakes in the German foothills of the Alps.
Paddle Steamers came relatively late to this lake when a small wooden paddler was purchased, renamed "Omnibus" and put into service in 1877. Until 2002, the last paddler to be built was Diessen in 1908, the fifth to follow Omnibus, which was in service until 2004. However, 2002 saw the entry into service of the diesel-powered Herrsching (bow view, left), a magnificent brand new paddle-propelled vessel and 2006 saw the arrival of a new Diessen
Two motor vessels, Utting (1950) and Schondorf (1961) also form the current fleet.

Built in 1908 by J.A. Maffei of Munich 
Dimensions : 39.8 x 10.15 m
Machinery : Compound Diagonal - Replaced by Diesel-hydraulic equipment 1974/75 
Her original steam engine (and one paddle wheel removed in 2005) remains with a museum organisation
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