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Australia :  Queensland
The Hunter River Steam Navigation Company of 1839, based in new South Wales, became the Australasian Steam Navigation Company in 1850. It sold its Hunter River fleet to the Newcastle Steamship Company, which later merged with the New Hunter River Company, a separate company from the original of 1839 to run services from Sydney to the New South Wales coast. The Australasian SN company purchased the Queensland Steam Navigation Company of 1860 in 1868. A new Queensland Steam Ship Company formed in 1881 and in 1887 merged with the Australasian Company to form the Australasian United Steam Navigation Company.

Australasian Steam Navigation Co    (British-built paddle steamers)

(1842-1861) built in 1833 by J McMillan at Greenock. 96.3 ft. Built for service at Sydney and with the Hunter River Co in 1842. Sold for further use

Waratah (1851-1866) built by Wm Denny & Bros of Dumbarton. 167.7 ft : 381 GRT. Engines by Caird & Co. Sold for use in China
Yarra Yarra (1851-1874)
built by Wm Denny & Bros of Dumbarton. 166.5 ft. Engines by Caird & Co. Sold for use as a collier in 1874. Lost in 1877
Ballarat (1851-1864)
built by Wm Denny & Bros of Dumbarton, assembled at Pyrmont.  98.1 ft : 98 GRT.  Sold for use in New Zealand
London (1856-1861) built in 1837 by J Wood & Co of Port Glasgow. 167 ft : 686 GRT.  Sold for use in China
Illalong (1854-164) built by Hoby & Co of Renfrew. 175.6 ft : 318 GRT. Engines : oscillating. Operated to the Hunter River. Sold to owners in Sydney

Telegraph (1854-1867) built by J&G Thomson of Govan. 139.9 ft : 468 GRT. Wrecked in 1867
Sampson / Samson (1854-1866) built by JG Lawrie of Glasgow. 120 ft : 145 GRT. Engines : oscillating by T Wingate of Glasgow. Samson from 1862. Sold. Used in New Zealand
* Brisbane (1855) built by R Steel & Co of Greenock. Engines by Randolph Elder & Co. Ship lost on delivery voyage off the coast of South America
Brisbane (1855-1878) built by J&G Thomson of Govan, 136.6 ft : 103 GRT.  Engines : oscillating. Brisbane and then Fitzroy rivers. Sold to Illawarra SN Co. Scrapped 1891
Bungaree (1861-1862) built by Barclay, Curle & Co at Glasgow. 121.5 ft ; 163 GRT. Engines : side lever by A&J Inglis. Tug. Sold for use at Newcastle. Scrapped in 1933
Coonanbara (1862-1882) built by Thames Ironworks of London. 223.2 ft : 900 GRT. Engines 59 and 59 in x 57 in. Sold to Newcastle Steamship Co
Williams (1862-1872) built 1854 by J Scott & Co of Greenock. 155 ft : 327 GRT. Engines : oscillating by McNab of Greenock. ex- Hunter River New SN Co.
City of Brisbane (1863-1880) built by A&J Inglis of Glasgow. 230.8 ft : 634 GRT. Sold to Newcastle Steamship Co. Renamed Sydney in 1884. Converted to a barge in 1909
Cawarra (1864-1866) built by A&J Inglis of Glasgow. 210.9 ft : 552 GRT. Engines : oscillating. Wrecked off Newcastle harbour on 12th July 1866 with all but one person aboard lost
Florence Irving (1867-1877) built in 1864 by C Lungley & Co, London. 206.8 ft : 453 GRT. ex- Clarence & Richmond River Steam Navigation Co. Wrecked in 1877

ex- Queensland Steam Navigation Co

Queensland (1861-1887) built by Barclay Curle & Co at Glasgow. 186.7 ft : 373 GRY. Engines : oscillating by A&J Inglis.
Lady Bowen (1863-1882) built by A&J Inglis of Glasgow. 210.5 ft : 527 GRT. Engines : oscillating. Sold to Hunter River New Steam Navigation Co
Lady Young (1864-1881) built by A&J Inglis of Glasgow.  210.5 ft : 527 GRT. Engines : oscillating.
Emu (1864-1877) built by A&J Inglis of Glasgow. 170.8 ft : 210 GRT. Double-ended. Sold to Port Jackson Steamship Company (later renamed Brightside)


ex-paddle steamer converted earlier to screw in 1874
Ly-ee Moon (1877-1886) built in 1860 by Thames Ironworks of London. 292 ft : 753 GRT. Built for Hong Komng-Shanghai service. Wrecked in 1886 with considerable loss of life

Queensland Government

Lucinda (1884-1923)
Built by Wm Denny & Bros at Dumbarton. 
Length 172.6 ft : 301 GRT.  Engine : Compound diagonal 25 and 44 in x 48 in by Denny & Co
Originally planned as a lighthouse tender she was used as a yacht for government purposes.
In 1891 a new constitution for Australia was drafted aboard.
The bar fittings were saved and installed in the Lucinda Bar in the Queensland parliament in Brisbane
Sold as a coal barge in 1923 and beached as a breakwater in Moreton Bay in 1937

Above : Lucinda
Photo in public domain from the State Library of Victoria - Green collection

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