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Bodensee (Lake Constance), Switzerland

Paddle Steamer Rhein of 1906 was the ultimate design for the Swiss railways steamer operation on Lake Constance. The half-saloon ship had a 60 year life
Acknowledgement : Stiftung Historisches Erbe der SBB. Reproduced under CC

Lake Constance is bordered by Switzerland, Germany and Austria with each country operating its own fleets but visiting "foreign" ports. The last Swiss paddler, PS Rhein was introduced in 1906 and in 1966 was the last survivor of her type. After Rhein was built, no vessels were introduced for 26 years and in 1932, motor vessels were chosen when Helvetia and Santis were taken out of the fleet. Due to the very low prices for scrap steel at this time, these vessels were scuttled in the lake.
HISTORICAL PADDLE STEAMERS - Swiss Railway Owned Vessels
Thurgau (1855-1916)
Zurich (1855-1919)
Schaffhausen (1857-1893)
Rhein (1857-1885)
St Gallen (1857-1898)
Bodan (1857-1907)
Helvetia (1887-1932)
Santis (1892-1933)
St Gotthard (1897-1944)
St Gallen (1905-1960)
Rhein (1906-1966)

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