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P.S. Caledonia
On the decks of Caledonia in the late 1970s : Photos by kind courtesy of Robert McLuckie

caledonia A.jpg

caledonia B.jpg

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caledonia D.jpg

caledonia E.jpg

Caledonia F.jpg

caledonia G.jpg

Caledonia H.jpg

Caledonia I.jpg

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Caledonia L.jpg

Caledonia ZD.jpg

caledonia ZE.jpg

caledonia ZF.jpg

Caledonia ZG.jpg

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Caledonia O.jpg

Caledonia P.jpg

caledonia Q.jpg

Caledonia R.jpg

Caledonia S.jpg

Caledonia T.jpg

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Caledonia W.jpg

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Caledonia ZA.jpg

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