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PS Glen Rosa (1877)
Built in 1877 by Caird & Co
Engines : Simple diagonal 50 x 72 in by Rowan
Dimensions : 206.1 ft x 20 ft
223 Gross Registered Tons

Built for service on the Clyde by the Shearer Brothers, for whom she sailed for four seasons on the Arran trade
Sold in 1881 to the Thames and Channel Steamship Company
Sailed along the Kent and East Anglian coasts and frequently visited the French ports of Calais, Boulogne and Dunkerque.
Despite a reputation for unrealiability, she was purchased in 1883 by the London Steamboat Company
Financial problems led to the London Company putting its assets up for sale - they passed to the River Thames Steamboat Company.
The River Thames company struggled financially itself and its fleet passed to the new Victoria Steamboat Association in 1888.
Spent the 1892 season on charter to the Hastings, St Leonards and Eastbourne Steamboat Company on the South Coast.
Inaugurated new service from Great Yarmouth to Harwich in 1893, connecting with Victoria's service from London by PS Koh-i-Noor.
Stationed at Rochester on the Medway for the 1895 season as company finances had required a fleet retrenchment
At the end of ther 1896 season, the fleet was sold off and Glen Rosa was bought by Captain Alexander Campbell
Transferred to P and A Campbell ownership in 1898 and stationed on the South Coast
Stationed at Brighton from 1903 to 1912
New funnel and round ports fitted in 1911
Laid up at Bristol in 1914 but reactivated for the Cardiff-Weston ferry in 1915 and 1916
Requisitioned for minesweeping duty in 1917, serving at Portland, Swansea and on the Thames
Returned to Bristol in May 1919, but laid up as reconditioning was not judged economical.
Broken up by Pugsley at Bristol in 1921

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