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Thames Estuary, River Medway, Kent, Essex and East Anglia Coast, England, U.K.
Woolwich Steam Packet Co / London Steamboat Co / River Thames Steamboat Co
Thames & Channel Steamship Co
Established in 1834 to provide services from central London to Woolwich, which were later extended to the Kent and southern Essex coasts along the Thames Estuary. A London to Ipswich packet service was operated and it was this service which inaugurated calls at Clacton in 1871.

The company amalgamated with several smaller concerns, including the Watermen's Steam Packet Company, in 1876 to form the London Steamboat Company, which was the dominant force in the Thames estuary excursion business at that time. 1878 saw the greatest disaster in the history of British coastal cruising when PS Princess Alice sank after a collision near Woolwich with the loss of almost 700 lives.

The Thames and Channel Steamship Co are understood to have been a closely associated company who sold their two steamers Vale of Clwyd and Glen Rosa to the London Steamboat Co in 1883.

The company struggled financially and was put up for sale at the end of 1884, becoming the River Thames Steamboat Company, which operated for three years. Their vessels were taken over by the Victoria Steamboat Association in time for the 1888 season.

Main Excursion Vessels
Queen of the Orwell
Queen of the Thames
Duke of Connaught
Duke of Cambridge
Duke of Teck
Duke of Edinburgh
Princess Alice
Albert Edward
Vale of Clwyd
Glen Rosa

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