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La Rochelle to Ile de Re / Ile d'Oleron

The first steamship to reach the Ile de Re was Le Courrier in 1824 but was unsuccessful in establishing a regular service' Other vessels to follow were the Ile de Re, La Rochelle, Ville de La Rochelle and Ville de Puebla

A ferry service was operated by Delmas Freres of La Rochelle, whose shipping company was established in 1867 and went on to become a major international shipping concern, surviving under various corporate guises until the name was withdrawn from use in 2016.  It started when the two brothers Frank & Julien commenced a ferry service from La Rochelle to the isles of Re and Oleron with their steamer Jean Guiton. Brother Emile joined in 1870.

Jean Guiton

Built in 1894 by John Scott & Co, Kinghorn, Fife
134 ft : 199 GT
Engine : 22 and 40 in x 48 in
Jean Guiton was sold to the Societe Anonyme des Bateaux a Vapeau de l'Ile de Re, founded by Martingalais Bouthillier, in 1906 and operated until 1920

Societe Anonyme des Bateaux a Vapeau de l'Ile de Re

Le Coligny (1875-1937)

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