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PS Laguna Belle (ex - Southend Belle)
Launched on March 6th 1896 by Wm Denny & Bros at Dumbarton
Engines : Triple expansion diagonal, 28, 41.5 and 60 in x 60 in
Dimensions : 249 ft x 30 ft
570 Gross registered Tons

Built for the London, Woolwich and Clacton-on-Sea Steamboat Co entering service from London to Clacton / Harwich in May 1896
Became the first belle steamer to visit Great Yarmouth in August, 1896
In 1987 was on the Margate route, strengthening the Belle steamers' presence on the south bank of the Thames estuary
Requisitioned in April 1916 for Admiralty service, based at Harwich, going to Liverpool late in 1917.
Returned to Tilbury in March 1919 for conversion back to peactime duties
Purchased by Mr Kingsman in 1921 and by the PSM Syndicate in 1922
On the demise of the PSM Syndicate, she was sold to Mr Kingsman who was at this time the owner of Clacton pier
Ran a summer service from London to Clacton for six seasons (1930 to 1935)
Reboilered for the 1931 season
In 1936, Laguna Belle ran to Clacton for the General Steam Navigation Company
Converted once again for wartime minesweeping duties in late 1939 and was sent to Dover.
Became an anti-aircraft vessel in 1942, an accommodation ship in 1943
Left British waters in October 1946, going to shipbreakers in the Netherlands

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