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Thames Estuary, River Medway, Kent, Essex and East Anglia Coast, England, U.K.
Mr E Kingsman
An entrepreneur from Clacton, Mr Kingsman saw the opportunity of reviving services to the Essex piers by obtaining the assets of the failed Coast Development Corporation from its liquidators. In 1920 he was able to run a London-Walton service with London Belle and Great Yarmouth-Walton connecting service with Walton Belle under charter from the liquidators.

The following year he had purchased most of the asets of the former company including five piers. In 1922, the vessels were sold to the PSM Syndicate and other assets except Clacton pier also disposed of.

On the demise of the Syndicate after the 1929 season, Mr Kingsman purchased Southend Belle and renamed her Laguna Belle and ran her on a Clacton service from 1930 until 1935, after which she was sold to the General Steam Navigation Company.

Walton Belle
Yarmouth Belle
Southend Belle / Laguna Belle
Clacton Belle
London Belle

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