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The remains of the former Thomas Cook paddler Memnon, star of the 1978 film of Agatha Christie's novel "Death on the Nile" (where she was named "Karnak" for the occasion) is owned by the Seti First Group, which owns a fleet of Nile cruise ships. It is shown on their website as under reconstruction, the work has stalled and she is now partially deconstructed, with her stern section entirely missing.

Queen Faridaex Niagara


Bhopal                                                                       The last known survivor of the large numbers of shallow-draught paddlers supplied by Wm Denny & Sons of Dumbarton for service on the rivers of Bengal in India and remaining in Indian territory after partition appears to be out of service and moored in Calcutta (as at December 2014)                                                                 


Diesel screw ship (ex steam paddler)



St Elmo, IL

Built at Midland, Pennsylvania, this 291 ft long hull was originally the steamer Cincinnati. Heavily rebuilt in 1934 after being sold to Strecffus Steamers at St Louis, she became "President" and became a passenger excursion ship. Motorised in the 1978 with propellors replacing her wheels. sailed out of new orleans from 1981 and St Louis from 1985 until 1990. Became a casino ship at Davenport and sailed until September 2000 after which she was moored at various locations, including Vicksburg and then Mackellar lake near Memphis. It was dismanted at Alton IL before being shipped over land to St Elmo, IL in 2009. The plan to reassemble her as a luxury hotel and entertainment venue has not been realised and she remains in pieces. In 2011 her designation as a National Historical Landmark, first assigned in 1989, was withdrawn      The internet's leading source of paddle steamer information and photographs



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