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New Zealand : North Island

British-built Paddle Steamers


Auckland & Thames Steam Packet Company

Golden Crown

Built in 1870 by Duthie & Ross, Auckland, New Zealand originally to be with parts shipped from the United Kingdom, but with the transporting ship wrecked during the passage, the ship was actually built of wood. The 200ft long ship originally sailed in New Zealand on the Thames River before being sold for use in Australia in 1874 by the Sorrento & Queenscliff Steam Navigation Co where she sailed from Melbourne to Mornington, Dromana, Sorrento and Queenscliff until withdrawn in 1888 and broken up in 1892.
Length : 210 ft. Engine : Oscillating, 2 x 45.5 in by J&G Thomson of Govan

Northern Steamship Company

The Northern Steamship Company was established in 1881 following the financial demise of the Auckland Steam Packet Company which served remote communities on the coast around Auckland. The new company took over a number of the old company's vessels which were screw steamers. The expansion of road and rail opportunities led to a swift contraction of the company's passenger services, completed in the 1930s. Cargo services also faced decline although a number of new large vessels were purchased in the 1950s to carry out trade between the North and South islands but success was limited and the company eventually closed in 1974 

Above : Wakatere was built new for the Northern Steamship Company and was their largest vessel to date and, unusually, a paddle steamer. The company had acquired two very small paddlers from the second hand market but Wakatere was a different proposition
Photo in public domain and held in Auckland Library

Wakatere (1897-1926)
Built by Napier, Shanks & Bell at Yoker
210.3 ft : 441 GRT
Engines : Compound Diagonal 31 and 57 in x 60 in
Sailed between Auckland and Thames
Scrapped 1930-1933 at Auckland

Terranora (1898-1906)
Built in 1878 by D&W Henderson at Glasgow
141.5 ft : 349 GRT
Engines : Twin diagonal 30 and 30 in x 54 in
Built for the Colonial Sugar Refining Co of New South Wales, Australia for coastal service
Sold to Auckland owners in 1890
Several changes of ownership before being bought by the Northern Steamship Co in 1898
Hulked in 1906

Auckland & North Shore Ferry Co

Eagle (1886)
Built by J McArthur & Co at Paisley : Assembled in Auckland by HG Fox
135.7 ft : 219 GRT

Osprey (1886)
Built by J McArthur & Co at Paisley : Assembled in Auckland by W Webster
135.7 ft : 219 GRT

Devonport Steam Ferry Co

Eagle (1890-1924) ex- Auckland & North Shore Ferry Co

Osprey (1888-90 and 1896-1926)  
ex- Auckland & North Shore Ferry Co

Awarua (1901-1907)
Built in 1884 by R & H Green at Blackwall, London
109.8 ft : 159 GRT
Engine 2 x 28 x 48 in
Towage tug - built for Bluff Harbour Board
Wrecked in 1907 near Bream Head

Condor (1903-1936)
Built by Bow, McLachlan & Co at Paisley : Assembled in Auckland by GW Niccol
116.1 ft : 263 GRT

Lytteton (1907-   )
Ex- Lyttleton harbour tug

Whanganui River

Alexander Hattrick & Co

Wairere (1891-1948)
Built by Yarrow & Co at Poplar, London : Assembled locally
95 ft : 65 GRT
Passenger deck shelters removed in the early 1900s as she was used primarily for transporting cargo

Aotea (1899-1949) later Waimarie
Built by Yarrow & Co at Poplar, London : Assembled locally
100.2 ft : 246 GRT
Still in service

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