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New Zealand : South Island

Lake Wakatipu

(1868-1905 in service : 1920)
Built by JW Robertson & Co at Greenstone
82 ft wooden hull : 57 GT
Engine by Kincaid & McQueen of Dunedin
Laid up in 1905 and dismantled in 1930
Engine saved and used to power the steam slipway on the lake which is currently used by the lake steamer Earnslaw

Above : Mountaineer at Elfin Bay. Photo by  AP Godber courtesy of  the Godber Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library

(1879-1932 in service : 1941)
Built by Kincaid & McQueen of Dunedin and assembled at Lake Wakatipu
130 ft steel hull
Engine : Compound diagonal 18 and 36 in x 42 in
Built for the Wakatip Steam Shipping Co
Purchased by the state Railways Department in 1903
Withdrawn in 1932
Used as a houseboat
Scrapped in 1941

Other areas

Avon (1859-1862)
Built by Barclay, Curle & Co at Glasgow
58.2 ft : 42 GRT
Built for the Canterbury Local Steam Navigation Co, Lyttleton

Sold to New Zealand governement
Reengined in 1872 with screw propulsion





Prince Albert (1860-1862)
Built in 1852 by Smith & Rodger at Govan
132.9 ft : 230 GT
Steeple engine
Sailed for various owners at Melbourne, Australia
Bought by Frederick Greer of Dunedin but returned to previous owners following insolvency
Re-sold for use at Hong Kong



City of Dunedin

Charles Edward


HARBOUR TUG, Lyttlton harbour  : Lyttleton  - until 1907.  Noved to Devonport, Auckland, North Island and used as a ferry

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