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River Ouse
Hull shipowners and the Goole & Hull Steam Packet Co

Above : Empress in a post card view kindly supplied by Alan Ginn from his collection. Empress was a new-build for the Goole company and was sold for brief use for excursions on the Tay before moving to Spain

Empress (1856-1876)  New build for Goole owners prior to transfer to the Goole & Hull in 1870

Her Majesty
 (1860-1913)   New build for Goole owners prior to transfer to Goole & Hull in 1870. Scrapped

Princess (1876-1879)  New build for the Goole & Hull. Sold 

Lady Elizabeth (1871-1900)  Originally built in 1857 for Southampton & Hythe ferry. In private ownership at Hull from 1871 before transfer to the Goole & Hull in (1890?)

Empress (1893-1916)    New build for the Goole & Hull. Sold for use on the River Tay

Second-hand vessels used for a short time during and after (The Mermaid) World War I by the Goole & Hull

The Mermaid  (1916-1921)  Originally built in 1891 for service at London. Sold to the Ouse Shipbuilding Co and chartered for use at Limerick. Later at Livrpool

Essex  (1916-1917)  Originally built in 1896 for the Great Eastern Railway at Harwich. Sold for use in Greece

Cleopatra (1916-1917) Originally built in 1898 for service at London. Sold for further use on the River Tay

Note :

Lady Rowena   (1919 : never used and resold)

World War I effectively brought an end to the company's excursion services, popular amongst them was the Humber crossing from Hull to Ferriby Sluice.
There were prospects for the revival of sailings in 1927 when there was a proposal to move the Bridlington-based steamer Frenchman (formerly the Newacastle-based tug Coquet built in 1892 by Rennoldson at South Shields) to Hull. Frenchman had been successful on the east coast and had been lengthened in 1907 as a result. In the end she was converted to a coal barge by the United Towing Company at Hull 

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