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Piemonte (ex - Regina Madre)                                                             Operating Area : Lake Maggiore, Italy
Piemonte 2006 Olivier bachmann.jpg
Above : Piemonte at Arona in 2006 - photo by kind courtesy of Olivier Bachmann
Builders : Escher, Wyss & Cie, Zurich (Switzerland)
Engines :  Compound Diagonal by Escher, Wyss
Length : 51.2 metres x breadth 6.2 / 11.2 m
Speed : 22 km/h

Entered service : 1904
Renamed Piemonte in 1948
Out of service 1961-1965 and 1973-1974 for refurbishment including a new boiler
Saw little use, being tied up at the NLM dockyard at Arona and maintained in good condition
After a cruise in October 2001 she was slipped for necessary attentions to hull and wheels
Work progressed slowly due to lack of money and it was not until 2006 when she returned to service
Sees little use - only the occasional charter sailing

sAufgang Oberdeck.jpg

sMaschine DS Piemonte.jpg

sDS Piemonte Salon.jpg

Refurbished to a high standard

Compound diagonal engines


Above : Photo by kind courtesy of Olivier Bachmann

Above : Piemonte sees little use apart from a limited number of charters. Here she is leaving Arona on 2nd October 2021 on one such occasion. Photo by kind courtesy of Andrew delaGhetto

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